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Patrick1234Patrick1234 Member Posts: 16
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Why isnt there a standalone Lightspeed Retail App for Iphone, etc?

Currently when out and about - to check on daily sales, etc - we have to login on safari as a user, the site is designed for desktop or ipad, so it is almost unworkable on phone.

Should be able to click an app button to login and see basic stuff, who is working, totals, and items selling.

Had this in Onsite 10 years ago ...


  • dhicksdhicks Member Posts: 32

    In today's mobile age...this is almost an unwritten rule/assumption that there is an app. Great feature that I think should be a staple.

    Another benefit to having an app would be doing inventory...we could then just use a mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) and update inventory, check stock on particular item for customer, check in product shipments, etc. App should definitely be on the priority list for the next development.

  • newedgekatynewedgekaty Member Posts: 6

    I second this! At the time of on-boarding, I did not even think that they will not have a mobile app! It's unbelievable!

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