Printing Invoices without giving permission to "reports" in employee settings.


I have been asking for literally one year for a basic request. It is frankly outrageous that Lightspeed fails to address the issue.

In order to print invoices for our internet deliveries we must allow our low level internet processing team access to "reports" as an employee permission - in settings. This means a low level employee has access to our most private financial information e.g. sales, profits, etc. All simply to print a basic delivery invoice. No company in the world would release critical financial information to a low level employee.

This is outrageous and to use plain language, it is just outright dumb. This only works for a business who has no delivery business component. Which today is practically non existent. As most businesses have a delivery component and must print invoices for their pickers & customers.

It is not as if we are asking for some basic or nice feature. Why in the world would any company give access to a low level employee a companies most critical financial information all to print a simple delivery invoice? It makes no sense!!!!

And it is frankly a classic example of a smart computer programmer who has failed to ever work one day in a retail store! The disconnect is amazing and Lightspeed should be ashamed of this terrible limitation. You are injuring your customers by failing to address this.

Please deal with this ASAP!!!!!!!!

David Weiser -


  • lev_cyclistlev_cyclist Member Posts: 30

    Just add it to the long list of short comings. The community forum is full of great examples and somehow nothing seems to be getting worked on.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 870 

    I believe that this example points to how Lightspeed Retail is targeted toward smaller businesses. Larger companies require more granular security controls, and this solution wasn't intended to address that when Lightspeed acquired MerchantOS back in 2013. And since that acquisition years ago not much really has changed along those lines, unfortunately.

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