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Anyone else have a huge problem pulling payroll reports from Lightspeed? I have 6 employees who have several "job", i.e. Server, Bartender, Busser, Host and having each one of them as a different employee, instead of one employee with multiple jobs creates a jumbled report for hours that week. Also, the fact that tips report can be exported as a CSV or even a PDF is insanely difficult. Having ONE report to pull both hours and tips for each employee individually with their multiple positions that they worked each week is how any other POS I have ever worked with has provided me, and Lightspeed causes HOURS of extra work to create a payroll report.

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    Hi again Robert,

    We also have an open feature request to create a Payroll Report that would give you exactly what you are looking for, including tips.

    Another thing to consider is that we have at least one partner with whom we integrate with for Payroll reporting. They are called Push Operations and you can find info about them here:


    In the meantime on Lightspeed Restaurant itself, for tips ,one thing you can do if you are good with Excel is to go to Reports>Export Data and pull the CSV for Payments for the time frame you are looking for. Here you will see all the payments, the users who took them and the tips they made on each payment. This would allow you to tabulate the tips for each user for the selected timeframe.

    Again, I will create a ticket and link it to the Feature Request for the Payroll Report.

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