Feature Request: Lightspeed Payments fees added to Quickbooks export

dpwainwrightdpwainwright Member Posts: 1

We recently switched to Lightspeed Payments from Cayan, and I am finding it takes more time to match up deposits from credit card sales because they take out the fees daily. I have to manually adjust the expected deposit amount to account for the fees. Cayan was on a monthly fee schedule, and I have been told that Payments will only work on a daily basis. The fee data is there, I can see it in the reports. Would it be possible to add that to the Quickbooks export daily journal entry?


  • TrolleyMuseumTrolleyMuseum Member Posts: 30 ✭

    UGH#101 for LS payments. I would like to know the answer to this as well, even though I can't fathom ever changing over from Cayan.

  • jsajsa Member Posts: 2

    Totally agree. Just migrated from a different system and I was assured the accounting integration would be far and above better that what I had access to before. It is better in some areas, but not importing fees is ridiculous. I can't fathom that this hasn't been a part of the import all along!!

  • eddiesuarezeddiesuarez Member Posts: 10

    Following.... i'm here because having the same issue. Migrated from cayan to LS Payments and now having the hardest time reconciling because the cc fee comes out of each individual transactions instead of being billed once a month.

  • ANGIEANGIE Member Posts: 1

    Here as well, trying to figure out how to reconcile, it should not be this hard! Is anyone willing to help each other out or at least try to figure this out? Been told the PAYOUT report is what is to be used, Ok well they combine on the weekends, refunds from various days show up as well. Frustrated...

    ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED! [email protected]

  • TourightTouright Member Posts: 5

    Anyone ever get this figured out?

    It's become a nightmare of a headache for me... I was 'promised' things would be easier. Yet they have been anything but.

    I really don't want to have to buy into LS accounting or anything else they have to offer at this time. I'm pretty disgusted with switching to LS Payments I should have known better.

  • downwithapbdownwithapb Member Posts: 1

    How is it that Lightspeed continues to screw up my workflow?! Recently was "forced" into Lightspeed payments due to a Subscription renewal and a promise of lower fees. Cayan was working smoothly and didn't have any complaints. Now the fact that I have to manually go into every single day's credit card transactions, add the fees in QB Online, in order for the bank deposits to match is ridiculous. I should bill Lightspeed for the added time needed to do this.😡

  • wwwwww Member Posts: 1

    It would be really great to have the fees automated into the QBO export

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