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Okay. I know LS rounds with taxes and every once in a blue moon I would be off by a penny. The past week is HORRIBLE. My numbers are off all over the place. Yes, I know it's a few cents, but OFF is OFF in bookkeeping and it is really a horror show for me. Even worse, it's not consitantly wrong, it just depends on the report. How absurd is that??? You just can't have the same system give you 2 different numbers on two different reports. LS claims this has always been a thing, but the past 10 days is crazy. They did something and it totally messed up everything else. It takes so much of my time to find all the errors and fix them.

If you take in $100 in cash, LS just cant make it $99.99 regardless of tax rounding. That should happen during a sale, not after the fact. POS can not just change the amounts your were paid. It is what it is.

Also, my COG and retail amounts are changing. What the heck does that have to do with taxes?

If I buy at $10 and sell at $20, taxes rounding do not all the sudden make it that I bought at $10.01 and sold at $19.99.

The only number that should be rounding is the TAXES.

I just have a sneaking feeling that LS is doing this to force people to analytics. I can just see it now....

"Well, due to taxes, if you want to see the actual correct numbers, you need LS analytics."

WHATEVER YOU DID LS......TAKE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Hey @TrolleyMuseum

    If something is that terribly off, we suggest calling in to our support team to determine if something else is not the cause of it.

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    This has been happening in my store for two weeks now! When I opened a ticket about it they blamed it on "tax rounding" . . . . but how does that explain the difference between the amount of my CHECKS, OR LOYALTY DISCOUNT TOTALS being off? We have been forced to export the Categories report to get what I hope is the REAL numbers and I have to put my EOD numbers together from several different sources now. It is terrible! I'm going to open another chat session or call this afternoon about it. The EOD report was rock solid for us for two years and now it has changed . . . and other are affected as well. SOMETHING changed at LS last week, and it needs to change back! See my post regarding this same issue from a few days ago. I describe exactly this problem.

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    Hey @ALloyd

    The rounding occurrs on each individual product. By example: if you have 5 items on a sale, each item is calculated with its tax amount, then the entire sale gets rounded once more, making the Lines report the most accurate report to get details on the total received amount since every report that displays the entire "sales total" will have been rounded twice over.

    I did see your other post, we were made aware of the End of day report being off by a penny or so and are working resolving it.

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    I only get maybe 3-4 checks per day and I can total them with a calculator and the total will be different than on your reports! This is a glaring and hopefully embarrassing problem! It doesn't engender confidence in users if LS can't accurately keep track of the total amount of revenue from a few checks taken in one day!

    I don't care what the mechanics are regarding how things get rounded (twice?!) . . . . I just want to be able to depend on LS' reporting capabilities. I need it to be able to report that something as simple as the total revenue for all checks taken today is the same on all reports I have access to generate. It seems like something that shouldn't even have to be said.

    I have seen EOD reporting that has been off by more than .01 and read where others are having the same problem. Again - regardless, if it is off by .01, or a million dollars, it is still wrong. I implore you to escalate this and have it fixed. It hasn't always been like this . . . . something has changed in the past two weeks.

    Please keep us apprised here of the efforts by LS to make this problem go away, or contact me directly. Thank you.

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    I've created a ticket for you, however, you will only be notified when the investigation and fix have been implemented.

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    Exactly ALloyd!!

    Something changed in the past two weeks. Tax rounding "robot answer" is just a crappy answer and I find it hard to believe. I think 95% of the people answering the phone, chats and these posts have no actual CLUE and just give you a "scripted" answer and hope you go away.

    Even if LS does round for taxes, you can't have different numbers on different reports. LS can't just CHANGE your sale price, COG or the amount you were paid because of taxes. As you said, wrong is WRONG. I too have to pull multiple reports and make many corrections to get my numbers to balance each day. Time NOT well spent.

    @Vanessa... I have called and get the same robot answer that it is tax rounding. We have established that is not true and something changed in the past 2 weeks or so. I don't have time to waste being 58th in queue to have the same scripted answer given to me again. Basics of reporting is your numbers should be the same on ALL reports and LS (or any POS) should NEVER just change your COG, Retial price or amount paid when it feels like it for taxes. EOD reports all need to be 100% accurate and they are not.

    Actually, ALL reports should be 100% accurate and they are NOT. That is the bottom line here and that needs to be made a priority. If we can't depend on our reports, what can we actually depend on??

    It's nice to see that you can't be bothered to update this post with what the status of the issue is. Lovely. 🙄

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