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MonmouthBottleShopMonmouthBottleShop Member Posts: 11

We have dozens of feature request after our "upgrade" to LS Retail but this one shouldn't even need to be requested!

A common complaint we continue to get from our customers, is why is there no individual item cost on the invoices when multiples are purchased?!

If a customer purchases one bottle of wine, they gets the luxury of seeing the bottle cost X.XX amount pretty easily. Now if that same customer orders 3 bottles of wine they now have to take a calculator to divide the total by 3 just to see what the cost per bottle was!

Not only was this a feature in LS Onsite its a feature on every POS system EVERYWHERE except in LS Retail. Seriously, look at any receipt from ANY store and if you purchase multiples of one item the receipt WILL show the individual sale price, as well as the total.

This should not even be a feature request, it is absolutely ridiculous this software is missing something this BASIC!

After reading through all the discussions we're pretty sure Lightspeed has zero intentions to address any of the feature requests customers are listing, but hey maybe on the bright side this "upgrade" might have pushed us to find a better software solution for our business. They really used to be the best POS software, period!


  • ngilsonngilson Member Posts: 62 ✭

    @MonmouthBottleShop I am curious if your searching for a better POS solution yielded any results. We've also been asking for price per item to be displayed on the invoice, and as with all of our other requests/suggestions, we get nothing but a generic "we've added that to the list of requests"

  • Natalie_G888Natalie_G888 Member Posts: 39 

    I was beyond shocked when we migrated from OnSite to Retail to see that the unit price of an item was not listed on receipts. I reached out to Advision whom I have worked with before and had them modify my receipts so now customers can actually see the price per unit when they buy more than multiple quantities of an item. I can't believe I had to pay for such a basic feature!

  • ngilsonngilson Member Posts: 62 ✭

    @Natalie_G888 Thanks so much for the referral! We're also shocked that Lightspeed is so lacking on basic things like this, and I appreciate hearing what others are doing to work around it!

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