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Hi, I have an urgent suggestion.

When making an Inventory Transfer, you first need to create an empty transfer, without being able to add the TransferItems instantly. This itself already is a bit of an inconvenience, given the limited API rate. Is it possible to add the TransferItems directly when POSTing a new Transfer (this is not very urgent, but would be nice)?

The urgent suggestion is about the second request: the PUT request on /Inventory/Transfer/{id}/AddItems.json to add the TransferItems. With some testing I found the TransferItems to be automatically sorted by Item ID, which the client I'm working for doesn't want. Could it be possible to just have the TransferItems added to the Transfer in the order they are sent to the API, or possibly another field to specify the sort order? This is mainly because of the order the TransferItems would be picked by hand from the clients warehouse, which is highly inefficient without their custom sorting.


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    You are right, the Transfer must first be created before being able to add TransferItems to it. Unfortunately, this is the only way at the moment.

    As for your second question, when doing a GET to all TransferItems within a Transfer, the response is sorted by tranferItemID, which is in the order that the TransferItems are created when sent to the transfer.

    So, the default behaviour does indeed react in the way that you are interested where the TransferItems come up in the order they are sent to the API.

    Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any follow-up questions.

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