Tax Rounding? Difference between EOD and other totals in the same day - problem just started 6-17

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I recently noticed that the EOD report in LS is not reporting the same amounts as totaled in the Category reports for the same day. Last night, my totals for the closing slips on my three registers for the combined credit and debit card totals was ONE CENT different than the EOD report claimed. In over two years using Lightspeed we have NEVER seen this. I believe something has changed at Lightspeed, but the help desk person refused to escalate this and instead suggest I export data to an Excel spreadsheet to get the correct numbers!!! Below is the transcript of my chat session. Has anyone else experienced this problem in the last week? I'd be interested to know if others have seen this problem.

Chat started on 18 Jun 2021, 06:22 PM (GMT+0)

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(06:22:44)Alan : Account ID: 169936 Last evening I noticed that the End of Day report reflected two errors. One of them was in my category called Promo. The totals for Promo varied by one cent from what was reported in the EOD report. Also, the amount for all checks collected from customers that day was one cent different than reported on the EOD report. Has something change in the way the EOD is being generated from our revenue for the day? I have thoroughly researched the totals and I can confirm that this is absolutely happening. Please advise.

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(07:16:24)Elle: Hi Alan thanks for the account information, one moment

(07:20:16)Elle: End of day reporting uses tax rounding to calculate totals, and can have variations of up to a few cents. Please export reports to excel or google sheets to total the columns you need in there to view based on your formula preference. I will tag your ticket as a feature request to use the same tax formula in all reporting.

(07:22:19)Alan : This has never happened before in over two years of using Lightspeed. EVER. I also see that my credit card totals are off. The credit and debit card combined total on the EOD report yesterday is 8243.82 yet the closing count on my registers for credit and debit cards totals 8243.81 . . . one penny difference. This would have nothing at all to do with tax rounding.

(07:24:03)Alan : I don't know what a "formula preference" is. And I shouldn't have to export data to Excel every night to do my EOD accounting. Is that what you are suggesting I do?(07:24:59)Alan : This is not a "feature request". Accurate accounting from one part of the program to another part (EOD) shouldn't be a "feature".

(07:28:16)Elle: I apologize, unless you had a sale for only one penny that may have closed on a different date due to it's time stamp, it is caused by the tax rounding. Some reports in Lightspeed calcalate total based on total + total + total + total = sum and others in Lightspeed calculate tax by (subtotal x tax = total) + (subtotal x tax = total) + (subtotal x tax = total) = rounded total

(07:31:08)Elle: I do apologize for the issue, using multiple formulas can cause confusion for accounting. At this time there is not a change that can be made, aside from putting in a request to use only one formula for all reports. The workaround would be to export to excel or google sheets to sum the columns you need for verification of matching totals

(07:31:25)Alan : So if this is based on a rounding issue, why wouldn't it be consistent across ALL aspects of Lightspeed? Example . . . .shouldn't the closing count slips generated from my three registers yesterday for credit and debit cards equal EXACTLY the same number as the EOD report shows for credit and debit cards in the same day???

(07:33:10)Elle: No, some reports use rounding and others do not

(07:33:52)Elle: I can see how using the same formula for all reporting would be more helpful. I do apologize for the issue

07:35:00)Alan : Yes -- YOU SHOULD BE USING ONE CONSISTENT FORMULA ACROSS ALL OF THE PROGRAM!!! Making your customers export data to excel spreadsheets is NOT an acceptable solution. That is a work-around for something that shouldn't even be an issue!!! Please do NOT close this ticket. I want this escalated and a resolution that does not require an export work-around! Also . . .why has this only JUST occurred for us. We have used LS for over two years and for millions of dollars of transactions. Have we just been LUCKY for over two years that we have not seen this through tens of thousands of transactions?

(07:35:46)Alan : Did something change at LS in the last week that would cause this? Please investigate this.

 Also, please advise what my ticket number is.

(07:38:02)Elle: I apologize I do not have cause to escalate, the ticket number is XXXXXXX. Again, I do apologize for the issue. You can create an account here to provide feedback on how Lightspeed can improve to meet your business needs(07:38:54)Alan Lloyd: I am quite disappointed in this response. Good day.

(07:39:48)Elle: Enjoy the rest of your day.

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