How do you apply a payment or payment type and amount through API? Retail API

Currently, we use a custom credit system, similar to Tap Mango, to keep track of customer credit from trade-ins. This system works fine for apply credit to the sale as a Misc item in the sale line which is negative. However, this appears on Lightspeed reports as a refund and lowers the margin of sales.{account ID}/Sale/{sale ID}/SaleLine.json

  "note":"Store Credit",
  "unitPrice":{amount to subtract from sale},

What I want to do is apply a custom payment type we created in Lightspeed call "Store Credit" as the amount submitted in the 3rd party app. We could have the employee manually add this number to the sale but this leaves room for human error in entering the wrong number applied from the 3rd party app.


Is there an API method that would let me apply a payment type to the sale?


If someone wants to buy a backpack at $40 and they have $10 in store credit, there is a button on the sale page we click to go to the app, and then select how much store credit to use, authorize, submit, and that is when we want the app to post Store Credit payment type to the ongoing sale.

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