Importing Items Through Purchase Orders

DavidPDavidP Member Posts: 1

When you import a set of items through 'add inventory' there are myriad headers you can associate with the data from your CSV. I was hoping this could become possible for importing items through purchase orders as well. This would be useful for stores who carry types of product that are new each week (for example, we bring in comics that with each new issue a new item line is created). Currently, there are only a select few headers in the purchase order import screen, and it does not allow for categorizing items as they come in a new order. Ideally, all options for headers from 'add inventory' would be available for importing items through purchase orders as that is the primary way we add items to our system that are new each week.

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  • lisabobblisabobb Member Posts: 1

    Yes! This is needed for clothing stores because most of my items are matrixed. I cannot use the PO upload template for new items

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