Reverse a deposit without using a misc. item

pdispiritpdispirit Member Posts: 6


We have an accounting application that links with LightSpeed Retail and uses the API to record deposits and sales.

When a deposit is recorded we have no problem record the amount using the SalePayment entry with an On Account payment and cash payment.

However, our problem comes where the deposit is made to the wrong Customer account and we need to reverse the deposit.

As there is no Sale, we can't refund any lines with the API.

We have a process that creates a sale using a misc. item and then an Account payment to clear the deposit value.

Our problem here is that the total reports (which can't exclude item-level tags) include any adjustment and so show the incorrect actual sales for a given day.

Has anyone come up with a way to reverse a deposit, or adjust a customer account to the a new balance without using a sales line.

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