Delivery/PickUp orders differentiation

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What is needed to be sure that orders send to the POS via API will be displayed accordingly under Delivery/PickUp tab in the iPad App?

Is setting value of "takeAway" field in the Create to go order API method enough?

Per my initial understanding:

  • takeAway=true -> pickUp
  • takeAway=false -> delivery

But id does not work. Is maybe a "collectionCode" something that should be used as well? I tried to create multiple account profiles and assign there different takeaway modes, and set they codes in "collectionCode" field mentioned above. It still does not work.

Is there some additional configuration needed, for example at the POS configuration level? Is default account profile that is set there important, even if I am still sending the collectionCode in each CreateOrder request?

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    I have found that there is "accountProfileCode" field in the "Create to go order" API method schema. Putting previously defined codes here seems to be the solution.

    However I am still not sure about desired value of "isTakeAway" field.

    Should it be set to "true" when sending order with accountProfileCode associated with "Takeaway mode Pick up" only? Or for both "Takeaway mode Pick up" and "Takeaway mode Delivery"?

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