Has anyone been using Multilocation Inventory for Retail / Ecom Integration?

Christian DayChristian Day Member Posts: 11

I've been reading over the documentation for Multilocation Inventory integration between Retail and Ecom here:


I see that it asks us allow negative inventory, which we already allow in Retail by default because we converted from OnSite after June, 2019.

However, looking at the doc linked above, the instructions seem to convey that we're to allow an item to be sold into the negative and then ship whatever we don't have in the primary shop from one of the other shops. However, this leaves me with questions:

  1. Our currently allowing negative numbers on Retail does not seem to impact Ecom as items that are at zero quantity as items at zero still don't show.
  2. Does Ecom actually check to see if the item is in stock at the other locations and display that item on the site accordingly? This is important for two reasons. A) because there are times when items are out of stock at both locations and we could conceivably be doing a lot more refunds than we currently have to do with Retail and Ecom's currently seamless integration. And B) I'm guessing if the primary store has zero inventory and the backup store has positive inventory that Ecom doesn't read, it would seem that the item would be invisible on the site and someone couldn't buy it anyway.
  3. Is there a plan to eventually pull the inventory from the backup store(s)? To have to transfer everything that sells sounds like an absolute nightmare and may actually outweigh the value of being able to use both shops as a warehouse.

I really do wish the documentation for this was better and had screen captures of what orders look like to see how easy it is for the staff fulfilling the orders which products should come from where and if there are multiple invoices and packing slips.

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