An All-in-One Application for Live Updates and Notifications for your daily sales.

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I was previously using ShopKeep before changing over to Lightspeed. They used the Pocket App to easily access information from your mobile device instead of going through the whole process on your phone web browser. I would like to suggest implementing this for the convenience of the owner to easily access the current "Home" section on the Lightspeed Retail POS. My parents are older and have a much harder time using the technology so using the Pocket App that ShopKeep used really helped them access the sales on the daily without the hassle. Not only was it accessible, it also allowed my phone to push notifications whenever employees opened registers, voided sales, or etc. It allowed my phone to push notifications when items were low in stock, if they needed reordering as well. Although it may be focused on convenience alone, it truly did help make it easier to manage daily sales and compare just through the app and maintain inventory stocks. It may not seem much to bigger business owners but for smaller business owners like myself. It really is convenient to be able to access everything on one application.

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    Hey @B2BBeauty

    I've moved your request to our feedback forum so that our dev team can see it if they're ever looking for implement something new!


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

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    Wow! People have been requesting for the app (which is extremely important in todays world) to see the reports and perform basic tasks! I have clover and square at some of my stores and they all have apps. Can't believe that they cannot make one simple app!

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