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We're a repair shop- when a customer drops off an item for repair, we take a diagnostic deposit. Why isn't there an option so that we can apply the balance to the quote? As it stands now, here's our painstaking workflow:

1.) We add a diagnostic line item ($79.99 in this case) and take the amount as a deposit.

2.) When we write up a quote for the customer, we change the diagnostic line item to costing -$79.99 so that when we email them a quote, it shows the balance correctly.

3.) We change the price back to $79.99 and 100% discount the diagnostic so that when the customer picks up, the correct amount can be taken by the employees at the counter.

(sometimes) 4.) The customer looks at the receipt and wonders why it says the balance is $79.99 more than they just paid at pickup, and we painstakingly explain something we can barely understand ourselves.

Doesn't it seem like a POS with repairs would put priority on being able to quote balance owed?

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    I had a similar conversation with support yesterday. As I noted to them, it is abundantly clear that whoever put this dog's breakfast together has never worked in retail.

    Deposits go with customers, not with quotes, orders, layaways or anything else.

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