Migrating from Onsite to Retail

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Just what everyone needs - another thread about the trials and tribulations of the migration process...

Once you're actually there - it isn't all bad. There are a couple of features that are actually useful in the day to day. These are mostly offset by the onerous additional steps and non-sensical setup of others. The jury is still out on the overall experience of the new platform. Let's call it a warming.

However, nothing in my professional life prepared me for the migration process itself and the complete lack of useful ongoing support. I feel I should apologise to some of the support staff I've been short with - it isn't your fault, I know that, but I've been at the end of my tether multiple times. I worked in IT Support, Project and Infrastructure Management for an IB for 20 years before starting in a bike shop - so I've been through a few of these. The lack of response to questions (ask 3, get 2 answered) or just ignored is astonishing. I had to fight tooth and nail for months with Doosync to have the data migration done to a reasonable standard.

The only thing that irritates me more than the problem itself is not being communicated to about it. If I need to constantly call and follow up that is going to really get to me - I WANT UPDATES!

Could I have been better prepared? Certainly. But this whole thing was foisted on us without any options and we're trying to run a business during the busiest period for bike shops ever seen - not a whole lot of bandwidth for this undertaking left over.

The process itself is exhausting - so for those contemplating doing this, be prepared for a long slog.

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