Feature Request - Please add online price to QUICK EDIT

SharniSharni Member Posts: 5

Can you guys please add the online price field to the options in Quick Edit. I know that CSV is an option, but really sometimes QUICK EDIT is the way to go and not having online price in that drop down is an issue.

Thank you



  • 3gearstudios3gearstudios Member Posts: 3

    Feature Request -

    We need more integrations for ecom. Shopify, Wix , etc has so many useful ones that are not available with Lightspeed that would help with providing a more user-friendly experience and help increase sales and engagement.

    One integration I would love to get is Smile.io :

    Also, I have noticed that we do not have a clear continue shopping feature.

  • Uncle_MiltonUncle_Milton Member Posts: 62 ✭

    YES please!! Ecomm integration on all levels!! long and short description, weights and dims price all should be easily controlled and accessible in the item master. Ecomm price and weight should be available in quick edit

  • BrabaryBrabary Member Posts: 13

    Yes please! It would be great to have the online price as a dropdown option.

  • AtticusFAtticusF Member Posts: 2

    Yes! I just recently got E-com and with prices being very volatile since covid a quick edit for online price would be Amazing!!

  • Uncle_MiltonUncle_Milton Member Posts: 62 ✭

    Even when tabbing through a new item set up in retail it literally skips over the online price... moves on to tax and then jumps back to online price... like ecomm was an afterthought.

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