Credit Accounts - General Issues

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We've been using Lightspeed Retail for around 5 months now. We utilize the Credit Accounts quite a bit, having many customer accounts that are used by multiple people. (ex: government/business accounts)

This has been a major issue for us as these government/business customers require a signature on every purchase to verify who made the purchase with their account. This isn't necessarily an unordinary situation as many of the bigger companies, such as Lowe's, use a similar method for these cases. (Lowe's actually uses Accounts Receivable credit cards, which may be something we need to look into as an alternative solution)

As a temporary solution, we've been printing out the receipts on a full sheet of paper, asking the customer to sign at the bottom and have had to scan each of these sheets of paper every single week, storing them on a cloud so that we have them for future reference. (We store/scan around 180 sheets of paper per week - totaling around 9000 per year)

Our current method of storing signature receipts is somewhat organized, but very inefficient.


Lightspeed Resto allows customers to use "Sign On Device", giving them the ability to sign on a tablet/iPad and the receipt signature appears to be stored digitally. Unfortunately, I do not believe that feature is implemented in Lightspeed Retail, but it would be great if it were. Having digital receipts would likely make the Credit Accounts much simpler, if implemented correctly.

If we could print out all the account statements, which would include digital signatures on each receipt, this would resolve all of our issues and would make Credit Accounts more secure and would make sense as a whole.

Please let us know if anyone else has experienced this issue. I have yet to receive any feedback on past posts for this topic.


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    We are new to Lightspeed as well...about 2 months...our old system had an option that could require a signature for a purchase on Account. This allowed us to store the signature and it actually printed on the monthly summary account statement. I really would love it if we could be able to capture signatures as well. Great feature and does increase the security of our customer's account.

    It seems that not a lot of thought and effort goes into the account management side of Lightspeed Retail...if feels like it is very simple and doesn't do some of the basic functions that anyone managing an in house credit account would need...for example creating statements, aging reports, storing statements that have been created...even payments...I can't apply a payment to an invoice...all I get is apply a payment to the overall total balance...I don't even know what the last month statement said that they owed without re-running the account statement and select the I don't know if anyone has a past due amount or just shows the current balance.

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    One of the companies I own also implemented Lightspeed Retail. The integration with Quickbooks is, shall we say, lacking. It could, however, be so much tighter and more integrated. Also, the credit card machine captures the signature on credit cards but not on credit accounts, yet another example of poor integration and certification on the backend. Stay hopeful and pray some great company buys this one and builds in the functionality needed to make it great too!

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