Creating PO using special orders.

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When creating a PO and adding a item, LS should flag the user that there are a special order for that item, so we link the SO to that PO. Otherwise we will have a SO never ordered and this impacts on the inventory and orders management.

No one should remember every detail of every item. This is LS job.

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    Hey @gabrielaalbuquerque

    I've moved this to our feedback forum so it can be seen as a merchant-requested enhancement.

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    I would also add that if we want to attach an item that has already been ordered to a customer, we should be able to do that in an order that has already been placed. If I am adding a special order to an order that has already been placed, it is not very likely that I am actually adding another item to that order, I am just wanting to mark a single item already in the order as a special order.

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    I also requested LS to address these issues, specifically the case of attaching a special order to a purchase order that has already been placed. Their response was that it needed more community support before they would consider making the changes. Maybe this will start drumming up support.

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    @Flowt you can add a special order to an existing purchase order by changing the status of the purchase order back to the "Ordered" status. Whenever you add order quantities from a special order, it will change the order amount, so you'll need to deduct the order qty of the special orders you added from the order you placed.

    With all that said, the special order-purchase order functionality of Lightspeed needs A LOT of work.

    Specifically, when receiving a partial shipment of a line item with multiple special orders attached to it, there's no way to choose which special orders to receive. Instead, Lightspeed prioritizes the creation date of the special orders, which can be problematic in an industry like ours where customers will sometimes add deposits for special orders vs. wanting a stock notification when we have open stock again.

    Because there is no way to choose which special orders are filled first when receiving a partial shipment of that line item, we have to remove the line item, manually add the inventory to Lightspeed, then we have to re-add the line item to the purchase order with the remaining special orders. My staff members have had a heck of a time receiving special orders because of this--they frequently make mistakes with trying to navigate this and end up with special orders in the ready status that shouldn't be in the ready status.

    Reorder Functionality with Special Orders

    Clicking the "Reorder" button should take into account how many items are on Special Order and spoken for already. Because it does not, every time I manually assign a special order to an item that is already on order, I need to remember to place a new order for that item, so I'm meeting my desired inventory quantity.

    Recording When an Order was Emailed

    Lightspeed should have a timeline that shows when orders are changed in status, received, and an order was emailed. I highly recommend taking a look at what Shopify is doing on the "Order" view because it would be incredibly helpful for purchase orders.

    My workaround: I've added my own email to each of the vendor emails by adding a comma after their email and then my email, so I get a copy of every order we place. I do this because otherwise I would have no idea if I actually submitted the order or not since there is nothing in Lightspeed to indicate that the send email button has been clicked at some point in the past.

    I could go on, but I'll stop there for now. Hopefully, this is helpful "traction"

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