Creating my own gift-cards and UPC's

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Hi there,

We do not sell enough gift cards to invest in plastic ones and personally, I hate plastic ones. I create my own gift cards and would like to create UPC's that I can attach to the cards to easily scan when selling and I'd like to print from to my Zebra printer - 100-200 at a time.

I need help understanding the following:

1) UPC rules for this staring with a 4 and ending with another static #. (how many digits does this need?)

2) How to. print the stickers on the Zebra ZD410 from an excel / google sheet file (anyone have a link for this?)

3) Workarounds for selling via my shopify when customers want to buy something online.

Thank you community!

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  • OnlineDistributeurOnlineDistributeur Member Posts: 9

    1 & 2: I would buy these codes online for example ( this is a Dutch site but here you can buy the codes (including the images) that work with the printers.

    3) Not 100% sure how shopify works, but I assume you can use discount codes. So for each card you sell, you make a discount code with the UPC code.

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