Feature Request: Add Tags field to Quick Edit Items

emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 65 

It would be great if Tags were one of the editable fields in the Quick Edit tool. It would be very helpful if one could view and edit the tags for a set of items without having to do an export/import. We've found that importing tags is not consistently successful and you usually don't find out a tag failed to import until you need it to be there.


  • SethMSethM Member Posts: 90 ✭

    Please add the tag field to the quick edit! We also want this feature.

  • LightUserLightUser Member Posts: 16

    Any idea of this feature has been added?

  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 65 

    @LightUser I don't see any sign of this having been added. I feel like they would have commented on this thread. So far, I only see Tags in the Quick Edit area as a filtering field and not an editable field.

  • urbananglerurbanangler Member Posts: 11
  • UnlockTheConUnlockTheCon Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2021

    Not being able to do this through the Quick Edit Tool is very frustrating. For a small business like myself that has over 14,000 items, it's risky using the export/import if something goes astray. It would be nice to have additional fields to edit under each category as well. Hopefully Lightspeed will add this feature soon.

  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 65 

    @UnlockTheCon Our shop also has over 10k products and we've noticed that some of our tag imports don't actually take and you don't find out until you need the tags in the items. Also, tagging items by import doesn't change the timestamp on the item. So, if you use tags to trigger anything then it doesn't take then either. We use a third part to connect LSR to Shopify and a tag is what sends our products over to Shopify. If we import that tag in LSR then it doesn't recognize a change and it doesn't take effect.

  • CVLSCVLS Member Posts: 18

    Please add this...

  • SamASamA Member Posts: 36

    +1 tags are currently impossible to work with, this would really help us to be able to clean them up and make use of them

  • jcatjcat Member Posts: 2

    +1 to adding tags to quick edit.

  • TheValleyTheValley Member Posts: 3
  • SamsPetStoreSamsPetStore Member Posts: 3

    +1 - Please!

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