Adding Customer to Invoice post Transaction

illunicillunic Member Posts: 3

I have noticed that since we have switched to a cloud based POS we are no longer able to add a customer to a transaction that has already been completed, is there a way I am missing or any plans to add this feature, it was immensely helpful when people would forget to add a customer at the moment of transaction and would hope that it would still be available to this new cloud based version of Lightspeed


  • xbgwmrxbgwmr Member Posts: 12

    You have to look up the invoice through Reports and you can add it here

  • illunicillunic Member Posts: 3

    So I've gone through report and have gotten to a similar window to yours but I don't see the two customer options. What privileges do you need to see that? My account is listed as a manager, do I need a higher level?

  • xbgwmrxbgwmr Member Posts: 12

    @illunic I can't see anything in the employee roles that would stop you from doing that. Are you going to Reports -> All Transactions -> And then clicking the invoice number you want to edit?

  • illunicillunic Member Posts: 3

    I am using that route you said and this is the window the appears for me.

  • xbgwmrxbgwmr Member Posts: 12
    edited July 18

    You may need different permissions then, I guess? Looks like you also can't change the date/time of the sale. I just don't know which permission it would be. I tried looking at this page but it didn't say

    If someone from Lightspeed sees this maybe they can tell us which roles let's us add/change a customer on a completed sale.

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