Tallying the number of items in a sale

Signet_WizardSignet_Wizard Member Posts: 10

One issue we have been facing when switching to Lightspeed is that the cash register screen does not display a running total of the amount of items you have scanned into the sale so far. With our type of business we often have large quantities of different items in one sale, so being able to see at a glance if you scanned the appropriate amount of items would be a great boon to cut down on mistakes (or simple time lost trying to add up all the numbers on the screen). Counting 15, 20, 30 or more 1s in little boxes is harldy useful, too easy to make a mistake in your count while scrolling down. A simple little box containing the running tally of scanned items would be awesome please!


  • craftworkcraftwork Member Posts: 3

    This would be very useful for us as well! We have had several occasions where we have missed items because the scanner makes a sound when it scans but that does not mean that Lightspeed necessarily recognizes the scan or enters it to the transaction. If we had a running count of the number of items, we could double check that everything has been input before completing the transaction. This feature is a MUST! I see it often at many other retailers so it's unfortunate that this isn't already built into Lightspeed Retail.

  • SethMSethM Member Posts: 90 ✭

    We used this feature all the time on our last software. Disappointed to find something so simple but helpful wasn't in Lightspeed

  • DHeenanDHeenan Member Posts: 10

    I would appreciate this too.

  • howlkathowlkat Member Posts: 5

    Would also appreciate this. It would really help as well when we run "Pay at Pickup" orders from eCom through our register.

  • rocketfizz_alexrocketfizz_alex Member Posts: 3
    edited February 24

    Agreed, our staff would find this very helpful when checking out customers with many small item purchases.

    I see this good idea was initially posted in July 2021 so it seems the development team may not have seen this post. Any idea how to submit this idea directly to the LSR development team?

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