Multiple Selections and better export options for product lists

tryingtrying Member Posts: 1

I realize this is probably somewhere else too. The search bar looks through all forum posts which isn't helpful.

Having the ability to make multiple selections and add attributes to them would be an incredibly helpful feature. My coworkers have a tendency to not add vendors to items and it's a tedious process to go through them all and manually add the vendor. this would be helpful for a lot of other things, in particular eCom. Mass eCom uploads would save me so much time and it kills me.

A second suggestion would be *not having so many categories exported if they're all empty. For ease of access, they all end up deleted once they reach .xls format anyway, so it would be helpful if there were selections available for exporting items (like "sort by" and a list of possible categories so the useless ones can be filtered out).

I dunno, I've never programmed a POS before but this just seems like standard practice for better UI.

Extra advice you didn't ask for, for free! Maybe don't release software that handles money in other countries until it's prepared to handle money from other countries. It's kinda upsetting that cash rounding still isn't a thing.

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