Feature Request: More Useful Preloaded Date Filter Timelines

emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 63 

Whenever you generate a report or search records you are given the option to adjust the timeline for the filter. However, the preloaded filters are not super helpful in most scenarios. "Last Three Weeks", "Today", and "Yesterday" are not something that I would use nearly as much as something like a "Year to Date" filter. Also, the single day preloaded filters (Today/Yesterday) aren't that helpful because selecting those dates is very very simple. You just have to click that day and you're done. It takes much more time to load longer filters and having those as presets would be more helpful.

A minor thing, but one I thought I would mention.


  • dhicksdhicks Member Posts: 32

    I would add that having a repository of reports created would be super helpful as well...for example if I create a month end account statement and then print that or send it via email...I would like to be able to reference that report...so having a little box with previously created account summary reports would be very helpful...and along with those a simple couple of buttons to add would be great as well...(i.e. View, Print, Email, etc).

  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 63 

    Agree with @dhicks. There was the ability to save reports and access Custom Reports in Lightspeed Onsite and it was very helpful. No sense generating the same reports over and over again if it can be avoided.

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