Create shipments via API not working

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A shared customer has problems with our shipment sync, we created and tested with our Lightspeed. Since it's not possible to POST a shipment, we found that it is possible to update an orders shipment_status, which will create a not shipped shipment:

Request: PUT > orders/191686379 > {"order":{"shipment_status":"shipped","payment_status":"paid"}}  

Again, on our own Lightspeed, this worked. The idea is that we then take the first shipment and PUT the "status" on the shipment (to "shipped") and also send along doNotifyShipped and doNotifyTrackingCode .

However, when we count/retrieve the shipments, we get no result:

Request: GET > shipments/count?order=191686379 > []

Request: GET > shipments?order=191686379 > []  

Like I said, it worked on 'our' Lightspeed, but the PUT on the order for this customer does not change the shipment_status nor does it create a shipment.

Any idea how/why?

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    I have the same issue. In addition to the payload shown above, I have also tried camelCasing as per LS docs:


     "order": {

       "paymentStatus": "paid",

       "shipmentStatus": "shipped"



    I get a successful response with an order object, however, the status never gets updated.

    Please advise.

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