I want to edit the Transfer Receipt - need help with one part

I want the transfer receipt to show the manufacturer sku (just listed, not as a barcode) in a column next to the barcode (system ID). I have created the column (location). But I don't know how to put the code to make the manufacturer sku return in that field. I am using the Man Sku for the location of the product in the store. I needed some way to have the bin or shelf location listed with the product. I tried integrating with skuvault but it didn't really work as needed. So, I am just using LightSpeed and wanting to just use the mansku field for the product location and have it show on the transfer receipt, so that we could print the transfer and see where to pull and where to put the products.


In the section of the transfer receipt where it calls for each part, I edited the "THIS IS THE LINE":


<td class="description">{{ TransferItem.Item.description }}</td>

<td class="quantity">{% if Transfer.sent=="true" %}{{ TransferItem.sent }}{% else %}{{ TransferItem.toSend }}{% endif %}</td>

<td class="barcode">

<img height="40" width="200" src="/barcode.php?type=label&number={{ TransferItem.Item.systemSku }}&noframe=1">


            -->>THIS IS THE LINE-->>           <td class="location">{{ TransferItem.Location.ManufacturerSku }}



So, in the image above, I want the column under Location to populate manufacturer sku. (I am also curious if I could get it to populate tag also or instead....as I could possibly use that.)

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