Adding New Customers

npotternpotter Member Posts: 1

At our business, where we record every purchase and add them to their pertinent customers' accounts, I spend a lot of time typing in first and last names to either A) find their account on record, or B) create a new account. When it is the latter case, I end up retyping the name that I just entered. My hope here is to recommend an automatic "Add New Customer" feature that populates their first and last name to cut down on redundancy. Just a suggestion.


  • amatthamatth Member Posts: 11

    I feel your pain.

  • LoleJasperLoleJasper Member Posts: 4

    I agree! When you type a persons name in the customer field while processing a sale, if they are not in the system, why not have the new customer field come up with the name you just typed in? It is annoying to have to type it twice, and sometimes look like an idiot when you need to ask the customer twice how to spell their name.

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