Lightspeed API Miscalculating Character Count on Descriptions

westernfoodequipmentwesternfoodequipment Member Posts: 1

We are running into an issue where the LS API is rejecting a items description because according to the API it has over 255 characters (description) but in reality it could only have 60 characters. This is causing a real headache. The description is being populated in Netsuite, and then sent from Netsuite to Lightspeed via In8Sync.

For Example:

Netsuite Field for Lightspeed Description:

Hamilton Beach HBF900S EXPEDITOR™3.5 HP, 3 Speeds , Lid Interlock, 1 Gallon / 4L Stainless Steel Container

Error reporting back from Lightspeed API:

If you do a simple character count, it CLEARLY isn't 255 characters. I NEED HELP! It's preventing our API sync, which includes preventing pricing updates.

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