Inventory Levels API Update with Finale Inventory

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I tried to work with Lightspeed support regarding this issue and they made it clear that they could not assist me with API support and the only way for me to get API support was through these forums. I am hoping that you guys might be able to assist.

We currently use finale inventory as an inventory management system. They push stock levels from their system to Lightspeed via API connection. We are having issues with one of our store locations. Finale tells us "failed to update because of unmatched shop" only for our Phoenix location.

The other locations work fine. We worked with finale support and they said their system was pushing the information the same as the other stores and the error was because lightspeed was not recognizing the information. On most items that give us that error the stock level shown for the Phoenix location is blank instead of showing a number (picture attached).

Our store locations are all set up the same way and I can not find any differences in configuration. Finale support was saying that the issue is the way Lightspeed is set up to receive the information they are pushing. Lightspeed support directed me here for API support. I am hoping that someone here might have some insight as to what is happening.

Thank you!

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