Auto-Add-All broken on Purchase Orders??

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We are having a devastating issue to our business-- we are no longer able to use the "Auto-add-all" button on purchase orders that are of a certain size or bigger. The typical size of one of those orders is around 100-150 items and those orders happen twice a week and go to several distributors. So after a week of being broken this is getting toward a thousand and maybe more items that we cannot order in any way.

We were given a work around of ordering a brand at a time, however we also work with hundreds of brands, each of which are associated with a distributor. Some of those brands have many items-- and therefore the workaround also encounters too many items. So our best brands are now inaccessible.

The support team has told us this is a top priority and there is a dedicated team working on it, but we have received exactly zero updates on it since our busiest day of the year last Saturday (restocks are desperately needed!).

I am tired of having little or no ability to know even what developers are truly doing compared to what we are told since we are not allowed to speak to managers, developers, or anyone except who seems to answer the phone. This company is not very supportive of our small business, and has never ever gone above and beyond to help our unique problems.

If you have large inventories-- Lightspeed doesn't seem to care about how you fare.

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  • VD_LSVD_LS Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 796 moderator

    Hey @WaxTrax

    I've confirmed that this has been resolved. If you're still experiencing this issue, please contact our support team for further investigation.


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

    All the best!


    Lightspeed Retail Support

    866-932-1801 ext. 2 (Toll-Free)

    514-907-1801 ext. 2 (Montreal)

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