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I'm trying to get Verified Merchant status on Pinterest. I have to be able to point certain data to their tracking code for me to be eligible. I can't seem to get the code just right, so I'm hoping someone can help me out. I pulled the values from the import page, thinking that the column titles would suffice but as the code stands, the only tag that's firing is page visit. So that part's working, but I need to be able to track product_id, and item value. Any help will be much appreciated! Here's a chunk of the code:


  pintrk('track', 'pagevisit', {

  product_id: {{id}}, 


  pintrk('track', 'addtocart', {

   value: {{amount}}, 

   currency: 'USD',

   product_id: {{id}}


  pintrk('track', 'checkout', {

  value: {{amount}},

  product_id: {{id}},

  order_quantity: {{quantityOrdered}},

  currency: 'USD'



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  • MargaMarga Member Posts: 11

    Hello @thesaltypalm

    Thanks for your post... do you have any updates... I have also encountered issues getting Verified Merchant Status with Pinterest.. so far no luck ...

    Let me know if you were able to fix the issue.

    Hi @Joey do you know if Lightspeed is adding a protocol to get verified merchant status with Pinterest as a feature in ecommerce?



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