Add ecom product ID column to the product export csv in Retail to link products in Omichannel

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We're using the Omnichannel (retail + ecom) and are using the retail product export csv often to analyse and update various stats of our products. Since we are working on our webshop, we like to be able to link this file to the product export file from ecom so better manage and update things that are not automatically synced (like multiple categories in ecom).

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to link the data at the moment (even using the API), and the only suggestion I read is to set the CustomSKU in retail to be the SystemID so as to push its value to ecom and then use the ecom product export file to link the two. This is an OK workaround, but this means every time new products are added to retail, you need to also update the CustomSKU in a second round which is cumbersome.

It's clear from the retail page that the link between the two is there on the backend, as each product published to ecom has on its page in Retail the link to open the same product in ecom (the link even contains the ecom ID).

So my request: could you please add the ecom product ID as a new column to the Retail product export cvs so we can more easily link the two. I hope this could also be reflected in the API so we can manage both more easily.

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