Inventory Counts - Option to import Inventory Count from Excel

K_GIBK_GIB Member Posts: 5


As an alternative, can you allow for Inventory Counts created in Excel/CSV to be imported into an Inventory Count:

  1. We have over 60,000 items to count and I believe this will make our count quicker.
  2. It allows multiple users to be working on a count offline seamlessly.
  3. It would allow users to re-use a count in future.
  4. My store is very sectionised - so a certain area may have 100 allows that user to sectionise her count and keep a better count of the number of items in each area and makes it easier/faster to correct mistakes.

Thank You.


  • ekempekemp Member Posts: 10

    Yes I agree for large counts, allowing multiple persons to scan and combine into one upload would be a huge time saver!! Is there any updated news on this yet or coming?

  • mattangermattanger Member Posts: 106 ✭

    @ekemp and @K_GIB ( its been a while since you first posted... this ) I have a tool in the works that would allow you to import inventory counts directly into Retail. I'm hoping to get it out the door tomorrow or over the weekend.

    Feel free to send me a direct message or email me at [email protected]

    If you happen to be interested in more, check out There seems to be a need to streamline some tasks in Retail, and I'm working on a few things to save people time!

    Matt Anger

  • badkarenbadkaren Member Posts: 10

    AGREED! downloading to a spreadsheet and re-uploading would be AMAZING!

  • LisagogoLisagogo Member Posts: 6

    Yes, please! This would be a great option to offer. Our POS system works off desktops and we do not have scanners to use for the counts. Working with an excel spreadsheet would offer us more flexibility when doing the counts.

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