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The reorder report has been down for our account since 7/15--it sounds like this issue doesn't affect all accounts, but it's been very disruptive for our store. As the buyer, it makes my job very difficult to figure out what needs to be ordered and actually reorder it when that function in Lightspeed is not working properly.

For anyone who is in the same boat as us, if you filter by category, the reorder report will function the way it's supposed to on the Reorder Report as well as when you're adding items from reorder points on a Purchase Order, but it is pretty tedious if you have many categories to go through each category one by one to see what needs to be ordered.

I chatted with Lightspeed a few minutes ago, and they said they have been working on addressing this issue and are testing fixes right now. My fingers are crossed that it will be fixed soon. We switched to Lightspeed to enjoy the benefits of having a cloud-based POS system, and we have overall had a great experience. However, it is frustrating to continue to come up with workarounds for a service we're paying a lot of money to use. I'm hopeful that Lightspeed will continue to recognize the importance of listening to their customers and continue to improve their functionality, so we can continue to be customers.

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