Lightspeed API Integration with SSIS package (ETL)

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Our Account Id is 126978. We want to pull the data using API's in order to automate the process, we want to integrate LS with that form page using API so that we can start pulling the Inventory,customers and all other data related to our company.

The Postman API client which is mentioned in Lightspeed demo tutorial is a web-based portal and it’s not feasible to integrate in our SSIS package (ETL) job where we need to routinely schedule a SQL server agent job to extract and collect data via LightSpeed API.

we need a further technical guidance and demonstration for us to have at least a traction to instantiate LightSpeed API via C# coding script or integrate into third-party tools like Task Factory extension.

Thanks for your help and I will be waiting to hear from your side, soon.


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  • mattangermattanger Member Posts: 106 ✭

    Hi, I can't quite tell if you're in need of a developer who know's the Ligthtspeed api or not, but it kind of sounds like it. I don't think you're going to get the answer you're looking for because Lightspeed support isn't going to help build anything.

    I do custom development, and I can help you get started with your integration or build it for you! I'll follow up with a direct message!

    Matt Anger

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