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Buying (Orders) and Sales are probably the 2 main functions of LS. Ordering is a daily job. Whilst Automatic Re-Ordering in LS is the main way of ordering, many times a day I have need to add a product I am looking at to an existing order. I buy from multiple vendors for one same item, so I am manually checking their prices on websites before adding it to an order. I might do a blitz sale or a product is suddenly in higher demand and need extra stock - there are heaps of reasons why I might want to add to an existing open vendor order. In Inventory product/item view, for whatever reason, if one wants to order that item, one has to highlight the item title or type out the title in another screen. As a workflow, it’s a bit clicky. Even with the 13 categories on the left of page, there’s still no where to actually order that item directly from its detailed view. I’m sure my experience is not isolated to myself, I rather suspect many users would benefit from such a simple additional feature. Ordering is what we are doing so please can we have that function? Perhaps clicking Ordering would bring up a menu of open vendor orders? Thank you for your time in reading my query. Blessings to you, Duncan. (HappyGuru.com)

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    I've moved this thread to our Feedback forum so it can be considered as an enhancement request.


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