DisplayTemplate Sale endpoint and transaction fee data?

eanopolskyeanopolsky Member Posts: 1

Good evening,

I'm developing a report for a client and had a couple of questions about the API.

Question 1: Is it okay to hit the DisplayTemplate Sale endpoint on a daily basis?

Specifically, I'm talking about queries pulling 24 hours worth of receipt data like this: https://us.merchantos.com/API/Account/######/DisplayTemplate/Sale.json?timeStamp=%3E%3C,2021-07-09T00:00:00-06:00,2021-07-09T23:59:59-06:00

Because that endpoint incorporates so many relations and may return dozens of records, these queries seem to take several seconds for a single GET request (i.e. 1 unit of rate limiting allowance). On days when there are more than 100 sales, I have to call that endpoint multiple times due to pagination, and sometimes it takes upwards of 15 seconds to get all the data we need. Does Lightspeed have any objection to us doing this?

Question 2: Can we get transaction fee data immediately on a per-payment basis?

For example, suppose someone buys an item for a total of $50 and pays using a credit card. My client wants to see that $44.96 of that will be paid out to their bank account in 1-3 days, and that Lightspeed will keep $5.04 as a transaction fee.

I'm guessing this information is not available, but I promised I'd ask. :)

Thanks for your time and assistance,


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