Worst Label Platform EVER!!!

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Product labels are a JOKE! We are now on our second Zebra printer and have had to go several months without the ability to tag product. There needs to be another printer option. The old platform allowed us to print off of our office printer on Avery labels. We did that for nearly a decade and are now stuck with this single option that is barely customizable, looks highly unprofessional and is highly inefficient. THIS NEEDS TO BE A PRIORITY!


  • BrandyMasoncupBrandyMasoncup Member Posts: 3

    The labels can have way more information on them that would be helpful for restocking and identifying key information. Having Category Codes would help here so that you could fit that information on the tag itself. Take a look at a RetailPro price tag and be amazed!

  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 27 ✭

    It might be worth reaching out to Zebra support regarding this issue. Once we got our Zebra printer setup and functioning it works well. Printing on label sheets is not a viable option for most folks because it usually obligates you to printing entire sheets unless you do some creative formatting and this is beyond the capabilities of many entry level employees. The Zebras are unnecessarily complicated and the hub kind of sucks, but once it's dialed in it works well. Will be much much easier when you need to print a label or two and its speed is unmatched when it gets going.

  • aghunsakeraghunsaker Member Posts: 6

    Let's not even get into how unattractive the lables are, with NO way to customize which info, size of price, etc. I work in a high-end furniture showroom and our products look like they were tagged at Home Depot. Sigh. Label templates and customization (which was possible with Lightspeed OnSite) would be very very helpful.

  • SethMSethM Member Posts: 41

    Label customization is a must. Please add this feature.

  • aminickpetersonaminickpeterson Member Posts: 2

    I echo the prior sentiments of giving us flexibility to redesign our price labels.

    They do not fit my store's brand at all.

    Thanks for looking at this as an opportunity for improvement.

  • SandySandy Member Posts: 2

    They quoted me $350 to customize by adding ONE LINE we needed on the lable. NOPE!

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