Purchase Orders and Receivers are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!

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We should be able to receive multiple times against a single PO which should remain as a static document to reflect exactly what was ordered. From an accounting standpoint, this is a nightmare and creates double work in reengineering a new PO for backordered items. It has created so many mistakes as we have tried to track what was received against a single Purchase Order and we cannot go back to an original document when there are vendor issues.


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    I agree that this should b e fixed. My accounting is now about 5 months behind because their POs do not provide basic 101 functionality.

    It is very embarrassing for a company like LightSpeed to provide a software system which they boast is best of breed and lacks major functionality that should be expected.

    I put in a ticket to get this looked at and got escalated. The response was that this is a system limitation and apologised for the inconvenience.

    I do not think that this will get fixed as the response did not give me confidence in that it is getting looked at to be fixed. It is all good to apologise for something lacking but no accountability as I did not have any hint that this was getting addressed and no time line.

    I am now trying to escalate via my account manager.

    We used to use LightSpeed Onsite which provided much better functionality with regards to handling POs. Cannot understand why they would not provide the same functionality into their flagship product.

    Very strange and very embarrassing for a company like this to provide a sub standard software system that is meant to make life easy for the retailers. Instead they want us to spend much more time managing a nightmare system.

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    I should add that a workaround offered to me by support was to create a PO for every line item. So if I wanted to order 20 different SKUs from my supplier, their advice was to split these up over 20 POs.

    Little do they realise that each shipment costs money for freight. So instead of a $20 charge for freight, it would amount to $200! Twenty fold. Happy to do this process if they want to pay the extra freight ;-).

    How silly.

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