Gift Card results are no longer appearing in CreditAccount / Get All Credit Accounts API endpoint

mdimunationmdimunation Member Posts: 2

Hello -

We're using the "old" version of the Gift Card module, and we have an API integration used to extract gift card numbers and balances.

About one week ago (end of July 2021), gift cards stopped appearing in the API results when querying all Credit Accounts. Other Credit Accounts are still coming through, but the gift cards are now missing.

We're using the following API endpoint: GET /API/Account/{accountID}/CreditAccount.json

For all results, the CreditAccount.giftCard value is always equal to false, and no gift cards are included in the response.

This has been running properly for nearly one year prior to this issue with no changes from our side.

We've tested API permission adjustments, including temporarily enabling the "All Permissions" setting for the API user group.



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