Please eliminate, move, or put an "are you sure" on the "receive All Items" button!!!!!

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Here's a problem that's costing us a lot of money: The "receive all items" button is right next to the "Add received to Inventory" button so it's possible to accidentally hit the wrong one. We have 3 different employees over the past several months now have accidentally hit "receive all items" and then, seeking to correct their mistake they hit "add received to inventory" (which is a button they habitually hit all day; it's an automatic motion for them). This includes some of my most diligent and detail oriented staff members. I have also almost done it myself.

Each of our POs is around 150-200 items, so when they do this, we spend an entire day of staff time trying to correct it as best we can (because all POs are partially received here, and stuff trickles in) so what we have to do is take an inventory of 180 items that are all over the store, then compare that to the order and to the backorder list from the distributor to see if we can recreate a new PO for the items. At $20 an hour, that's hundreds of dollars of lost labor each time, including invariably a few hours of my time, and then we never are able to correct it perfectly-- so add another few hundred to cover order errors. So I would estimate so far this thing has cost us around $1,800 plus we're behind schedule on many other tasks.

We can't afford to keep doing this! Please eliminate, move, or put an "are you sure" on the "Receive All Items" button so that either it isn't possible, it isn't so easy to do, or you get a pop up warning stating that it's about to happen.

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    Thank you so much for the feedback! I've moved this thread to our Feedback forum to be considered as a potential enhancement request.


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