Removing Unused Vendor Catalogs

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We frequently use the list at Inventory> Vendors as a handy directory to see our supplier's phone numbers and emails. 

I would like a way to remove unwanted Vendors. I was advised to add vendors in Inventory > Vendor Catalogs, however many of our suppliers don't update the catalog, so we must manage our inventory manually.

Now we have an extra 92 vendors clogging up the list in Inventory > Vendors. It is confusing to my staff when they need to select "Enabled Only" every single time they access this section. To add to that, there are a number of duplicates since we have our manual Vendors right next to the Vendor Catalog ones. I'm lucky that I did not import more Vendor Catalogs industries at the time.  

If I merge all these records into one titled "Unused Vendors" then I would not be able to unmerge them in the case that our suppliers begin updating the catalog. 

We need a way to "un-import" the Catalogs. We also need the ability to import them again if necessary in the future.  

Has anybody else experienced this?

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    We had 200 vendors in our old system. Same as you we frequently visit the vendor page to see their info etc. When we switched to Lightspeed we checked many of the vendor category boxes and ended up with over 1000 vendors in our vendor page!

    Although we have since gone through and archived many of them, I agree it would be much easier to delete, or set to NOT show archived by default!

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    Thank you for the feedback! I've moved this thread to our feedback forum so it can be considered as an enhancement request.


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

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