Requiring payment of a minimum deposit for special order.

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In our business we have lots of special orders (really back orders from the vendor). We require 100% payment for a special order. However, today, our cashiers sometimes forget to add the deposit and the special order is accepted without payment. In our previous system, we could specify a minimum payment for a special order (or a layaway) and this was included in the total due without having to remember to directly apply a deposit to their credit account. It also seems that if you add the deposit, then return to the sales ticket, the deposit is removed.


  • SethMSethM Member Posts: 90 ✭

    This would be so helpful! We require 25% on all our special orders at minimum. It seems that forgetting to take this deposit ends with us being stuck with a random special order because they never came back for it.

  • visaliacycleryvisaliacyclery Member Posts: 2

    Yes there should be a trigger just like the serial # prompt that when special orders are being checked out that the percent you selected automatically gets applied.

  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 63 

    I'll jump in on this topic. Our business would also love to see this feature added. It would be very beneficial to require a minimum deposit on Special Orders and it's a very common practice.

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    Oh I like this idea!! a prompt for a deposit and the ability to set a percentage amount would be awesome!! better yet would be if the special items are under XX dollars 100% prepayment and if over XX dollars then X% deposit required.

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    While I think it would be helpful to require it, I also think it would be extremely helpful for Lightspeed to make it easier to see the customer's account balance on the special order screen.

    I usually have to drill down and click on the customer's name and look to see if there's a deposit or not. We've had our staff use the notes area on the special order to detail whether the customer made a deposit, but it would be much neater and more efficient if Lightspeed presented the information on the special order screen.

  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 63 

    @dkoleanb21 Not sure if it helps, but the payment/deposit information is visible from the Special Order as soon as you hit the Payment button. It's slightly fewer clicks than accessing the customer profile and then their Account.

  • dkoleanb21dkoleanb21 Member Posts: 18 ✭

    @emacgee Thank you for the suggestion. I was talking about view special orders on the special orders list page (

    I'd prefer to be able to see if a deposit has been made when I'm looking at the full-list of special orders rather than drilling down into the customer view on each one.

  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 63 

    @dkoleanb21 Ahhhhh, that would be nice.

    Perhaps @VD_LS could pass on a feature request for the addition of a Status regarding 'paid' or 'deposit' for special orders. It's already possible to mark a Special Order as 'Completed' or 'Called'. Begs to reason that adding something like 'Paid' or 'Deposit made' would be an easy addition.

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    Great suggestions in this thread

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    100% agree with this post. We do lots of layaways and Special orders and I'd love for my employees to stop forgetting to ask for a deposit ! We require full payment on in stock items on layaways and 30% on special order items.

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    Hey @emacgee

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