Do QoH (itemshop) modifications update the associated item timestamp now?

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We're doing recently-modified (timestamp between x and y) item queries that include the itemshops relation to retrieve current QoH as well:["Category", "TaxClass", "ItemAttributes", "ItemAttributes.ItemAttributeSet", "Manufacturer", "Images", "ItemShops", "ItemVendorNums", "ItemComponents", "ItemECommerce", "Tags", "Note"]&limit=50&offset=0&orderby=timeStamp&timeStamp=><,2021-08-07T20:56:13%2B00:00,2021-08-07T21:00:58%2B00:00

While troubleshooting a problem with a sale, I noticed that the item associated with the sale was retrieved by this query, and the item timestamp and itemshop timestamps had exactly the same value. This item had been queried directly by ID a few seconds before the "recently-modified" query picked it up, and the "before" item and itemshop timestamps again had the exact same (albeit older) value.

Are item timestamps being updated by itemshop (QoH) modifications, e.g. from a sale, as these observations suggest? Historically (I am told) that wasn't the case...

If that's now a reliable behavior, it's a welcome change and will let us simplify our API usage.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can confirm this, or explain why that's not actually what I'm seeing.

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