Finding Special Orders in Purchase Orders

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We are a bicycle company and order products from dozens and dozens of vendors. Each of these vendors have their own b2b system which we use to browse, create, and submit our orders through. Once we place the order we then build our PO using the invoice of confirmed items which we have ordered and are going to be shipped to us. I have spoken with Lightspeed support and apparently they wish us to build the order inside LS first and then submit the order to our vendor. That is just not an option as the only way we can build the orders is to browse the in stock inventory and send the order via the vendors b2b, building the order in LS first and submitting would result in many extra steps and back and forth on items which might be out of stock.

Enter the problem. Once we have the invoice and build our PO there is no easy way to view the Special Orders which might be coming in on that submitted order. When ordering 100+ different items it is just not practical to plug in each part number in the PO special order search tab looking for SO's which might be in the order to add. No, there needs to be a filter which once the PO is build we can just filter down to which items in the order are SO's and then we can address them, see the customer's info, and update the status to "ordered".

I spent an hour on hold today and then an hour on the phone talking through the process with Lightspeed support and the entire process they are recommending we do is exactly backwards from the way it needs to work and would add double to triple the amount of time to the processing of PO's and SO's. It makes no sense for the PO to have a SO tab that then just shows every SO you have and not be able to filter down to just see the SO's which are ALREADY in the PO.

The closest fix I have found is still a waste of time. We have to build the complete PO, then click on the 1st item, click on special orders, then click to the right to check each individual item to see if it has a current special order. When ordering 100+ different SKU's this is a huge waste of time vs just being able to have a filter that shows which items in the PO are a SO.

Would LOVE to speak to a developer on the phone to try and talk through this in person better than trying to type this all out. Lightspeed is a great platform however there are some pretty basic features which are missing and could make a huge difference in efficiency.


Jesse @visaliacyclery


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    "they are recommending we do is exactly backwards from the way it needs to work and would add double to triple the amount of time to the processing of PO's and SO's"

    I can't tell you how many times LS support offers up "work-arounds" for a basic need we have from the system. It's bonkers that they expect all of their clients , who are small business owners with small staffs, to do all these extra steps to make the VERY SOFTWARE THEY MAKE US PAY work.

    P.S. Lightspeed's NET worth? 12 Billion buckaroos. Makes you feel like a tool for paying for such a clunky system, right? We prepaid for several years upfront, so I'm stuck with this silly goose POS for a little longer. I hope LS will read some of these comments and make some changes for the better. Best of luck!

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    I think there's an easier way for you to do this. Could you not build the PO with all items except your Special Orders, click the Special Order tab on the PO, add the Special Order items to the PO, and then view them on that same tab?

    POs already have a built-in way to view just the Special Orders on that PO. Once the PO is created you can simply click the Special Order tab on the left and view any/all Special Orders that were added to that PO. However, this only works if they are added from the Special Order feature. Alternatively, you can view Special Orders using the special order tab by Vendor. Then you can add notes to those SOs stating that they are on order and the PO #.

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