Inventory Integrations wrong order

I am currently using a couple programs to integrate my inventory with Ebay. I am using Kosmos to bridge the gap to sellbrite and sellbrite to push product to Ebay. The problem I am running into is the order of the skus in each matrix. I have noticed that when you upload a matrix for the first time in LS via excel file or manually in LS that is how the order will always be ( for example how it shows up in ebay) . I understand you can change the order in LS but that only changes it within the ecom and the retail. Sellbrite does not allow you to change the order unless done manually - but I have thousands of skus it would take forever. It would be nice to upload a new excel file in the correct order to update an existing one but LS does not allow for that. Open to suggestions or thoughts - please help - thank you!

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