Receipts confusing customers when applying deposit

ngilsonngilson Member Posts: 60 ✭

Hey LSR Team -

I know there are PLENTY of big fish to fry, so maybe this is a softball?

When a customer picks up an item that was pre-paid, we use the credit on their account (the deposit) to pay for it. However, when you print the receipt, it displays "Remaining Balance" instead of "Credit Applied" We have had multiple customers get confused by this, thinking we are trying to double charge them for something. We've even had some send checks because they're concerned they still owe us money.

As a company who highly values a positive customer experiences, this is an unforced error and problem. We can only say "the people who wrote the software have never worked in retail and don't know how things work" so many times.

PLEASE tell me this is an easy fix?

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