Can I print labels for QOH?

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After I make a bulk price change, it would nice to be able to filter search for particular items I want to print labels for, then print labels for my search results based on their inventory quantity. Is this something we can do?


  • kellyfkellyf Member Posts: 12

    Agree! I just increased the price for all products purchased from a particular vendor. I'd like to be able to filter on vendor(s) as an option to printing labels.

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    This is possible if you have Import Items feature and Multiple Locations so that you can have access to the Transfers tab in inventory. Mind you, you are not transferring any items, only utilizing the feature to get the list of items to print labels for. Assuming you have both of those things...

    1) Create a spreadsheet with your price changes and include a tag for each item. My method is to use a prefix and date like "pc" for "price change". So it would look like 'pc-11-1-2021'.

    2) Import your price changes with the Import Items feature

    3) Open your Transfer tab and click 'Add Items' button. Then search for items using the 'Tags' field. Enter the new tag and check off the filter box 'Items w/ Inventory' and add them all to the transfer (limit is 100 per page) so you can do this search and lookup for

    4) sort the list by 'Available' then in the SEND column click in the box and change the QTY to match the stock number. You can manually adjust each by just hitting the TAB on the keyboard to enter the next qty. Even if you have a lot of items it is pretty fast on the keyboard (tab #, tab #) albeit tedious.

    5) DO NOT TRANSFER - now you can choose 'Print Labels' from the top of the form and it will print the qty's that you adjusted in the SEND column.

    You can then archive that transfer or delete the items from it.

    **this would work to search for items by any vendor too, or any other fields available in the item add search form.

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