Select Multiple Categories and/or sub-categories at once.

DHeenanDHeenan Member Posts: 10

We use a 3 level category system, mostly to coincide with our web-store's navigation structure. Sometimes I would like to export and work on multiple different sub-categories under the main category, or two similar sub-categories under different categories.

It would be great to have a check box next to the categories and sub-categories to make this easier.


  • SethMSethM Member Posts: 116 ✭

    Would also like to see this feature. This could be useful for us

  • SamASamA Member Posts: 36


    The ability to select multiple subcategories in the Category filter would be helpful. Alternatively, an option to exclude one or more categories would also be useful.

  • jshumphreyjshumphrey Member Posts: 3

    We often only want the first level or second level of categories on a report but find no easy way to get totals by level. Also be able to select multiple categories could be helpful.

  • lavenderwindlavenderwind Member Posts: 4

    This would be so handy, it's difficult to tease apart the information, and it is probably not too hard to make it so that it covers a cascading category level (first level that includes all sub-categories of that category, then drill down as wanted). Or at least, make the export so that it would be simple to merge them in a spreadsheet. Right now, it's cumbersome.

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